Inge Meldgaard
Inge Meldgaard
Author, Poet and Artist

Inge Meldgaard

Author, Poet and Artist


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The Cicada

In the year 2450, Earth, having survived war, famine and environmental disaster, is finally at peace, and is governed by the World Federation of Nations. At a principal research site in Melbourne, Australia, and at four similar facilities, scientists are assaulted and vital data stolen. After a series of shocking murders, Federation investigators realise they are dealing with a dark conspiracy that stretches across the globe. They enlist the support of the scientists and their sometimes capricious cats mysterious creatures bred in special centres.

Second Novel

A Death in the Making

A murder mystery with a difference, set in 25th century Australia and Argentina.

Third Novel

The Seed Gatherers

Not a 'whodunnit' but a 'whydidtheydoit', set in 25th century Melbourne, Australia.

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